Kuzbassrazrezugol develops a new national professional standard

The project has been presented to the All-Russian Industrial Association of Coal Industry Employers and the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. “We have developed a general occupational standard that will be applied to coal companies, but also to Russian mineral, salt and sand mining companies,” comments Diana Shcherbakova, commissioner of the sectoral working […]

Kuzbassrazrezugol announces growing results

In the first half of 2021, Kuzbassrazrezugol mined 20.5 million tons of coal (including 3.2 million tons of coking coal). This is 5.6% lower than in the same period of 2020, but in line with the established targets. Since the beginning of the year, the company’s beneficiation plants have processed 18 million tonnes of coal. […]

UMMC presents its innovations at Innoprom 2021

On the occasion of the international industrial exhibition INNOPROM 2021, the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (headed by Iskander Makhmudov) presented a number of high-tech equipment in the fields of energy and mining. Presentation of the LHD PDM14 loader UMMC has notably unveiled the LHD PDM14 loader, a co-production of the Shadrinsk Automotive Components plant […]

The exhibition and the retro rally “The Ural Cup” were held in Verkhnyaya Pychma

The traditional exhibition of the largest club of retro car enthusiasts in the Urals “Avtoretro” was held this year in Verkhnyaya Pychma. The UMMC automobile museum made its site available to the club. The exhibition took place 12 June 12 on the occasion of Russia Day.  The programme of the exhibition included competitions for the […]

Uralelectromed confirms its Good Delivery certification

Uralelektromed OJSC (an enterprise of UMMC Metallurgical Complex, headed by Iskander Makhmudov) has again obtained the “Good Delivery” quality standard. Uralelektromed holds this label – which certifies the reliability of the company’s delivery capacity – for gold (since May) and now for silver.  According to the results of the authorized body, the silver produced by […]

UMMC to unveil new machine at Innoprom

UMMC will present for the first time to the general public its LHD PDM14 loader designed and manufactured in partnership with the Czech company Ferrit. This loader for mining operations will be the main exhibit at UMMC’s stand at Innoprom – the annual international industrial event in Yekaterinburg.  “The machine is used for loading and […]

UMMC saves 2.7 billion rubles thanks to its transformation strategy

UMMC has calculated the economic effect of the implementation of its transformation program. In the first quarter of 2021, nine companies of the group were able to save 2.7 billion rubles, against an initial target of 500 million. The companies involved are as follows:  Chelyabinsk Zink Plant  Siberia-Polimetally  Nova-Zinc Kuzbassrazrezugol (notamment les filiales Bachatsky, Kaltansky, […]

Kuzbassrazrezugol to spend 18 million rubles on reforestation in Kuzbass in 2021

Kuzbassrazrezugol has completed the spring stage of bioremediation of land not used in production processes. In 2021 the total area of planned plantations will exceed 96 hectares. For this purpose, the company will spend about 18 million roubles. During this spring stage, young pine trees were planted on an area of nearly 51 hectares. “The […]