The UMMC sent personal protective equipment to doctors at the Republican Central Hospital in the city of Rej

The UMMC has provided personal protective equipment to doctors at the Republican Central Hospital in the city of Rej (Ekaterinburg region) where its JSC “Safyanovskaya Med” company is located. Announces the Information Policy Department of the Governor of the Ekaterinburg Region. Rej hospital received medical masks, gowns, gloves, breathing masks, personal protective equipment, antiseptic gels, […]

Kuzbassrazrezugol celebrates its 56th anniversary

The company received the wishes of the UMMC’s Director of Port and Rail Projects Irina Olkhovskaya: “With all my heart I wish you and all the employees of Kuzbassrazrezugol a very Happy Anniversary!” Kuzbassrazrezugol, which brought together the Kuzbass coal companies 56 years ago, has been the driving force of the region for all these […]

UMMC’s employee book voted best corporate book of the year

The photo album “UMMC 2019: Key Players” won the competition “Best Corporate Media of Russia – 2020” in the category “Corporate Book”. The results of the contest were announced online on April 30. According to the organizers – the Association of Communication and Corporate Media Directors of Russia – this year many books were sent […]

Russian businessmen unite to help the most disadvantaged in the face of Covid-19

100,000 food kits were distributed to disadvantaged families in the Republic of Bashkiria. The Head of the Republic and the Secretary of the Regional Office of the United Russia Party organized the “Bashkirian Products” project. Taking Care of You. This voluntary action is intended to support and help 79,000 large and disadvantaged families whose average […]

Kuzbassrazrezugol guarantees the conformity of its management systems to ISO international standards.

The certification committee of the Russian Register – Baltic Inspection Association evaluated more than 20 subdivisions of the coal company’s aircraft and its two open-cast mines. The integrated management system of the large coal company has successfully passed the regular certification of compliance with the international standards ISO 9001 (quality management system), ISO 14001 (environmental […]

UMMC – agro grows a new hybrid tomato

In the “UMMC – agro” greenhouses, young specialists are working on the production of new high-yield hybrid tomatoes, resistant to the main diseases. This new variety has been designed to reduce the import of tomatoes of foreign origin. This brilliantly successful project enabled the young researchers from the Urals State Agrarian University to receive the […]

UMMC invests several million in water treatment.

The Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC), founded and chaired by Iskander Makhmudov, has just published a report on its Svyatogor mine. A nine-minute video that explains how the company is committed to the restoration and protection of the local ecosystem. The film first deals with Tarnier’s zone where Svyatogor conducted its activities from 2006 […]