Kuzbassrazrezugol completes the development of professional standards for the coal industry

The Kuzbassrazrezugol company has formalised a new national standard for rig operators. With the completion of this standard, the sectoral working group led by the coal company completes the extensive work on the development of national standards.

The main parameters – the drilling technology and the power of the equipment used – differ significantly from one industry to another. It was therefore decided to develop a separate occupational standard for the mining industry.

The national occupational standard for rig operators for surface mining consists of two blocks of generalized work functions, namely exploration drilling and technology drilling.

This draft occupational standard was submitted to the Russian Industrial Association of Coal Industry Employers. Three other documents also submitted this year are at different stages of approval.

As a reminder, Kuzbassrazrezugol is leading the development of professional standards for surface mining in Russia – this is one of the tasks given by the President of the Russian Federation after his meeting with the leaders of the country’s coal regions in August 2019. The methodological support for this work is provided by the UMMC.