Kuzbassrazrezugol puts into operation the 2nd modernized excavator entirely made in Russia

Kuzbassrazrezugol (part of the UMMC Group, chaired by Iskander Makhmudov) is operating a new Russian-produced excavator, model EKG-18M, in its Kedrovsky open-pit coal mine.

This is the second modernized serial machine manufactured by Uralmashzavod (UZTM). The first Russian EKG-18M excavator, which was named “No. 300” in honor of the 300th anniversary of the discovery of the Kuzbass (Kemerovo Oblast), was put into operation on May 19, 2020, in the Bachatsky open-pit coal mine.

In creating this model of modernized excavator Uralmashzavod took into account 9 years of experience of operation by Kuzbassrazrezugol OJSC of the previous model EKG-18 (today the company operates 10 machines of this model).

Qualitative changes aimed at increasing reliability, machine resources, and work safety have been made in all blocks, constructions, and systems of the machine. For example, the EKG-18M excavator has a modernized system of opening the bottom of the excavator, as well as the construction of the excavator boom and crawler. The water tightness of the body has been increased, more comfortable conditions for the operator have been created, a multi-camera video surveillance system, signaling, and diagnostics system has been installed, as well as a combined fire extinguishing system manufactured in Kuzbass.

“Each excavator is somewhat unique because we are constantly making changes in the construction and work in close cooperation with the manufacturer. For example, the EKG-18M “Kedrovsky” excavator is different from the “Bachatsky” excavator – comments the head of the Technical Department of the Equipment Maintenance Directorate of Kuzbassrazrezugol OJSC, Roman Sivtsov. – This time the new technical solutions focused on the improvement of the body sealing and recovery of worn grease from the lifting cable. These proposals were made directly by the miners who have to work on this machine”.

The second EKG-18M excavator was entrusted to the team of Andrey Egorov who, after the 2020 professional skills competition, was elected the best excavator operator with an excavator volume of 18m3 in Kuzbassrazrezugol.

By the end of 2020, the coal company plans to put into operation three more EKG-18M excavators: two in the Bachatsky open pit and one in the Kaltansky open pit.