“Makarovsky” residential complex ranked 2nd best in Russia

The “Makarovsky” residential complex built by UMMC-Zastroyshchik (UMMC-Developer) in Ekaterinburg (part of UMMC’s construction division, headed by Iskander Makhmudov) is at the top of the list of the best real estate complexes in the Sverdlovsk Region and ranks second at the national level.

Within the framework of the international forum and exhibition “100+ Forum Russia”, the platform’s project manager Yuri Garbuzov presented certificates confirming these results to Yevgeny Mordovin, the head of real estate development projects of UMMC-Developer.

The “Makarovsky” residential complex is being built in the historic centre of Yekaterinburg and offers both business and elite class housing. This is why the real estate developer is all the more attentive to the smallest details: “This project has been discussed four times during the meetings of the city council, we developed it carefully and we are very conscientious in its implementation. We are very attentive to the details, feasibility and comfort of the project, all technical and infrastructural solutions are up to the standards of high standing buildings. “says Yevgeny Mordovin.

“Another important goal we have set ourselves is of course to preserve and integrate the city’s historical monument located in the residential area under construction, namely the Simanov Mill building – Makarovу (a roller mill founded in 1884 in Ekaterinburg by the merchant of the first guild, Ilya Simanov). ” adds Yevgeny Mordovin.