Nova-Zinc has reached a record number of ore processing operations

The enrichment plant in Akzhal (Nova-Zinc, a subsidiary of the Chelyabinsk Zink Plant which in turn is part of UMMC) starts the second half of 2020 with impressive results. In July the plant processed a record volume of ore – 161,239 tons, the best figure since the start of production. The previous record was set in September 2019 at 153,747 tonnes.

The employees of Nova-Zinc managed to achieve such great results thanks to the introduction of a series of instruments of the commercial management system developed by UMMC, such as the visualization of operational data or the operating status of the flotation. In addition, a series of improvements in the mechanical and technological services have been carried out from the planning and control point of view.

At the end of 2019, the operational transformation program was launched, under which the company managed to achieve positive results in all areas of production: from extraction to ore processing and the manufacture of finished products, – noted Nova-Zinc’s General Manager, Suindyk Asan. – The work carried out by the company’s employees has resulted in increased workloads and a new record.