Russian businessmen unite to help the most disadvantaged in the face of Covid-19

100,000 food kits were distributed to disadvantaged families in the Republic of Bashkiria.

The Head of the Republic and the Secretary of the Regional Office of the United Russia Party organized the “Bashkirian Products” project. Taking Care of You. This voluntary action is intended to support and help 79,000 large and disadvantaged families whose average monthly income is less than the amount of the family allowance for dependent children. The sponsors of this project are Inter RAO companies, Bashkir soda company and Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company. These companies have allocated a large amount of money to form food kits. Thanks to this aid, it was possible to produce 100,000 boxes of humanitarian aid.

Local producers provided the basic products to form these kits. Among these products are various groats, sweetened condensed milk, oil, candied meat etc. These boxes will be distributed first to large families and then to all people in difficulty and in desperate need of food products.

 The Trans-Ural is receiving 45 million rubles of humanitarian aid.

The Kurgan Oblast has received humanitarian aid worth 45 million roubles (approx. 562,500 euros) from neighbouring regions and Urals companies. This includes the purchase of medical equipment as well as food products for the inhabitants of the region.

“I am extremely and sincerely grateful to a very large number of companies and entrepreneurs for the help and support they provide to the Kurgan Oblast – more than 60 companies,” writes Kurgan Oblast Governor Vadim Shumakov on his Instagram account.

Among the companies that have provided humanitarian aid to the Kurgan Oblast, Shumakov particularly noted SHAAZ, TechnoKeramika, Transneft, Sintez Pharmaceuticals, the Nemirov Agro-Industrial Complex, the Makfa company, and “many other good people, our compatriots”.

UMMC supports veterans during the crisis

On May 3, 2020, the second wave of UMMC’s charity action began: in Revda more than 450 families and more than 3,500 labour veterans received food kits from the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, a company chaired by Iskander Makhmudov. Boxes with food products were distributed by volunteers – employees of SUMZ and the Revda Non-Ferrous Metal Processing Plant (UMMC-NFMP).

The boxes with food products were distributed to veterans of the work of SUMZ and UMMC-NFMP, as well as to large and disadvantaged families in the town of Revda who are registered with the Department of Social Policy (social service).

The kits contain various types of products. For example, all kinds of groats, flour, preserves, sugar, tea, gingerbread and chocolates. Gifts will also arrive to all the recipients who are, without a doubt, the main heroes of the country who fought at the front and in the rear for the freedom and independence of the Fatherland, and who fought for the Great Victory. Along with the gifts and flowers the veterans will also receive personal greeting cards for the victory celebration.

The veterans thanked the volunteers of SUMZ and UMMC-NFMP, as well as the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company for their attention and care. Of course, this work does not stop there, other actions of the UMMC are in progress.