The results of UMMC’s 2020 transformation programme

Eight UMMC enterprises joined the programme last year: Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant, “Siberia-Polimetally”, “Nova-Zinc”, “Kuzbassrazrezugol” (the subsidiaries Bachatsky, Kaltansky and Krasnobrodsky), Elektrokabel Kolchuginski Zavod (part of the Cable Alliance Holding), Uralelektromed, the Gai Mining and Enrichment Combine and the Uchaly Mining and Enrichment Combine.

Together, they brought the company an additional economic benefit of 3.8 billion roubles, compared to the original plan of 3.2 billion roubles. Behind these impressive figures are the development and implementation of specific initiatives carried out by the teams of the UMMC companies.

All initiatives – technical, technological, cross-sectoral, organisational – are aimed at achieving a net profit or savings. The company pays 5% of the economic effect achieved as an additional bonus to the employees who participated in the development and implementation of the initiatives.

The results of the work done in 2020:

  • Additional economic benefit of 3.8 billion rubles
  • Number of successful initiatives – 144
  • Size of the bonus fund – 177.3 million roubles
  • Number of bonuses paid – 10,056 bonuses