UMMC Companies Celebrate Steelworker Day

The employees of Uralelektromed OJSC (UMMC Metallurgical Complex Company) located in Verkhnyaya Pychma in the Ekaterinburg region are celebrating their professional holiday – the Metallurgist’s Day. The festivities began on July 16 with the laying of bouquets of flowers in front of the commemorative plaque « Socket » – a symbol of the labour exploits of workers during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. It is well known that the Verkhnyaya Pychma Electrolytic Copper Refinery (the former name of the plant) supplied the country with strategic metal – copper, copper alloys, copper powder and other products needed at the front. During the war, almost 80% of casings and cartridges were made from the factory’s copper.

This year, on July 16, a ceremony was held to commemorate the best workers of the plant with the participation of UMMC General Director Andrey Kozitsyn and the Director of Uralelektromed OJSC Vladimir Kolotushkin. The directors presented awards and honors from the governmental, ministerial and corporate levels. This year the title of Emeritus Metallurgist was awarded to Sergey Boukin, the operator of the dust and gas trapping plant maintenance at the copper smelter, Andrey Kamnev, the deputy director of the sinter plant, and Alexey Korolev, the technical director of « Uralelektromed » OJSC.

A total of 418 employees of the company were awarded on the occasion of their professional feast, including honorary diplomas of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation – 9 persons, the honorary award « For Merit in the Ekaterinburg Region III degree » – 2 persons and the honorary diploma of the Governor of the Ekaterinburg Region – 11 persons.

Another emblematic event in the life of the Uralelektromed Ltd. team was the thanks of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin for the great contribution to the development of the metallurgical industry and the merits in the production activity.

In the evening the lights of fireworks glowed in the sky of the Urals Copper Capital (Verkhnyaya Pychma). The fireworks lasted 10 minutes.

The festivities on the occasion of the Metallurgist’s Day and the Verkhnyaya Pychma City Day continued for several days, observing all the necessary sanitary and epidemiological measures.

Metallurgist’s Day has been celebrated in Russia since 1957, every year on the 3rd Sunday in July. This year it falls on Sunday, July 19.