UMMC has allocated 1.5 billion roubles to environmental projects in the north of the Ekaterinburg region.

The Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company reported on its environmental activities over the past few years. According to this document, since 2017 the company has allocated 1.5 billion roubles for the improvement of the ecological situation in the northern Middle Urals where the Svyatogor holding company is located. The company plans to allocate more than 2 billion rubles for environmental activities.

Today UMMC is carrying out the planned works on the Shemursky deposit. The company’s employees are carrying out the modernization of the sewage treatment plants as well as a series of other changes: installation of protective screens on the rock banks, reduction of the slope of the landfills. In total, the company has already allocated more than 460 million rubles for the implementation of these projects and more than 110 million rubles since 2018 for the rehabilitation of the Shemursky landfill site.

UMMC also spoke about its activity in Ivdel. For example, since 2018 the company has been carrying out equipment modernization and infrastructure refurbishment of one of the water intakes on the Ivdel River. Today the purification installations of this water intake are running 24 hours a day. The project cost the company 48 million rubles.

In addition, UMMC employees monitor the water quality of the Ivdel River at the water intake. The results of this monitoring are sent on a monthly basis to the territorial department of Rospotrebnadzor (the Federal Monitoring Service for the Protection of Consumer Rights). Today, according to the results of the quality control, the quantity of chemicals in the water does not exceed the maximum permitted concentrations. 

Between 2017 and 2018 the UMMC has developed a special list of environmental measures aimed at minimizing the negative impact of Svyatogor OJSC’s activity on the environment. The specialists examined the state of the ecosystem at the Shemursky, Novo-Shemursky and Tarnyersky deposits and found a positive development in the state of water bodies.

Since January 2018 the company has been carrying out monthly monitoring of water quality in the Tal’tiya, Mundyr, Chornaya, Yuzhny, Bezymianny, Yuzhny, Tarnyersky swamps and wastewater discharges from sewage treatment plants. In addition, the company plans to partner with the scientific community in this activity. Following scientific research, specialists from Lomonosov Moscow State University will make their recommendations.