UMMC presents its innovations at Innoprom 2021

On the occasion of the international industrial exhibition INNOPROM 2021, the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (headed by Iskander Makhmudov) presented a number of high-tech equipment in the fields of energy and mining.

Presentation of the LHD PDM14 loader

The LHD PDM14 loader

UMMC has notably unveiled the LHD PDM14 loader, a co-production of the Shadrinsk Automotive Components plant and the Czech company FERRIT. These machines are used in underground mines for loading and transporting loose material over short distances, for drilling operations or for tunneling.

Uralelektromed JSC (a company of the UMMC metallurgical complex) presented to the exhibition participants a wide range of copper powder products used in electrical engineering, the oil and gas sector and the mechanical engineering industry. These include bronze slide bearings for oil pumps and commutator blades for traction motors.

The latest modification of the new generation L410 NG aircraft from Let Kunovice was also presented at the UMMC stand.

Presentation of the Ekaterinburg Local Urban Plan

UMMC-Zastroyshchik, a subsidiary of UMMC, has presented its local urban plan for the city centre of the capital of the Urals – Ekaterinburg. It is an ecosystem that allows people to live comfortably, work, and spend their free time without leaving the area. The architectural feature of this project is the complete pedestrianization of the future district: the traffic and service areas of the buildings will be completely relocated underground.