UMMC saves 2.7 billion rubles thanks to its transformation strategy

UMMC has calculated the economic effect of the implementation of its transformation program. In the first quarter of 2021, nine companies of the group were able to save 2.7 billion rubles, against an initial target of 500 million. The companies involved are as follows: 

  • Chelyabinsk Zink Plant 
  • Siberia-Polimetally 
  • Nova-Zinc
  • Kuzbassrazrezugol (notamment les filiales Bachatsky, Kaltansky, Krasnobrodsky et Taldinsky)
  • Cable Alliance Holding (SA « Electrocable Works, Kolchugino »), 
  • Uralelectromed
  • Gai Mining
  • Uchaly Mining 
  • Metallurgical Combine 
  • SUMZ

In the first three months of this year, the teams successfully developed and implemented 237 initiatives to increase productivity and reduce costs. The employees who participated in the development and implementation of these initiatives received exceptional bonuses tied to the objectives. 

One of the most impressive initiatives (237.5 million rubles) was implemented at the Krasnobrodsky coal mine. The company was able to optimize its performance through the implementation of employee motivation programs and the optimization of the process of preparing equipment for shutdown before scheduled maintenance, thereby increasing the effective working time by 105 hours per year.