UMMC-Zastroyshchik celebrates its 5th anniversary

UMMC-Zastroyshchik (UMMC-Developer), one of Ekaterinburg's top real estate developers, celebrated its fifth anniversary on February 2.

Over the past five years, the company has developed over 200,000 square metres of new residential and commercial space. 

A number of iconic projects in Ekaterinburg have been completed during these five years, including:

  • the Iset Tower 
  • the Demidov business house, 
  • the Makarovsky and Nagorny residential complexes
  • the Izumrudnyy Bor (Emerald Forest) residential area. 

“The secret to success is a focus on the product. That is why we are involved in every stage of its creation and development: the development of sketches and planning solutions, the construction, monitoring and management of the sites already built. Our goal for the next 5 years is to create sites where you want to live, work and develop”, said the company’s general director Yevgeny Mordovin.

The company’s awards 

Over the past five years, UMMC Zastroyshchik has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable property developers in the Middle Urals. The company has been awarded the “Reliable Developer of Russia” gold label by the Fund for the Development of Civil Control Mechanisms four times. 

UMMC-Zastroyshchik’s sites have also repeatedly received high marks from construction industry experts. The company is one of the leaders in ERZ.RF’s ranking of best property developers in the Ekaterinburg region. 

Projects for the future

Many projects are planned for the near future, including the Na Khoriakova and Na Oktiabrskoy premium complexes on the eponymous streets in Ekaterinburg. The company is also working on another major business-class project – the Nagorny residential complex and the new Ekaterinburg-City urban centre by 2031.