Uralelectromed confirms its Good Delivery certification

Uralelektromed OJSC (an enterprise of UMMC Metallurgical Complex, headed by Iskander Makhmudov) has again obtained the “Good Delivery” quality standard. Uralelektromed holds this label – which certifies the reliability of the company’s delivery capacity – for gold (since May) and now for silver. 

According to the results of the authorized body, the silver produced by the company complies with the international standard of the London Precious Metals Association (LBMA). The quality analysis of the Urals company’s silver ingots was carried out by specialized international laboratories with appropriate accreditation. Based on the results of the work carried out, the LBMA’s physical committee awarded the company a certificate of reliable silver supplier.

The LBMA conducted a quality review of the cast silver samples under the supervision of an independent auditor. The silver samples of SA Uralelektromed were analyzed by two referees in the laboratories accredited by the LBMA. The test results confirmed the quality of the silver produced.

In August 2004 Uralelektromed became the first metallurgical company in the world to be included in the LBMA list of recognized producers of precious metals as a reliable producer of refined silver. In May 2006 the company was included in the “Good Delivery” list as a reliable producer of refined gold.