Vladimir Gladkikh, world champion with the UMMC Sambo Club.

The gold and bronze medals were won by the athletes of the UMMC Sambo Club at the World Sambo Championships held from November 5 to 8 in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Vladimir Gladkikh won “gold” in the under 57 kg category in his debut at the World Championship. While German Sorokin (under 52 kg) won “bronze” at the World Junior Championships.

As the silver medal winner of the Russian championship, Gladkikh was scheduled to compete in the European Championship in Yekaterinburg, which was later canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, fate decided otherwise and Vladimir had the chance to participate in the tournament at a higher rank after the withdrawal of the number one of the Russian national team of the 2020 season, Moscow champion Sayan Hertek. And Gladkikh lived up to the trust placed in him by the coaches. He defeated all his competitors in the preliminary stages and in the final he showed great experience and class. His good tactical approach enabled him to defeat his main opponent Akmaliddin Karimov from Tajikistan. Gladkikh easily maintained the minimal 1:0 advantage until the final whistle of the referee. 

Curiously enough, with this trophy, the Verkhniaia Samboist Pychma gave himself the best birthday present which he celebrated on November 8. 

In total the sambo wrestlers of the Ekaterinburg region won 12 medals in different categories.